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Emergencies can occur in all communities, and it is important for families to be prepared for different types of emergencies.

Know your Community

Different communities have different risk levels for different types of emergencies.  Some neighbourhoods along a river or body of water could be more at risk for flooding. Other neighbourhoods might be geographically located in an area at higher risk to tornadoes.  In the winter, we are more at risk for ice/snowstorms that could cause an emergency.   Families must know the risk level of all types of emergencies within their community to help them be prepared. 

Have an Emergency bag ready

It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand.  Depending on your families needs, the bags contents may differ.   Some key things that should be in an emergency bag are essential documents (passports), emergency medication, water, and non-perishable food such as granola bars.

Make a Plan

All families should have a plan for what they would do in an emergency. There can be a plan for what they would do if they could stay in their home; perhaps they have a generator for power and have access to food and water.  In the case of evacuation, families should have a plan of where they would go. It is also essential for families to communicate their plan to a family member; this way, in the case of an emergency, someone else would know that plan and know where to find you.

Review your Plan

As families change and move, emergency plans need to be adjusted as well. It is essential to develop a schedule to review and update emergency plans to keep them up to date with your needs.

Look at the following links to get more information on how to keep your family safe in case of an


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