Everything you need to know.

Are taxes included in the price?

There are no taxes on childcare costs.

At what age can children be enrolled into your program?

Two of our locations have infant programs and we have started children as young as 6 weeks old.

Because you offer 24 hour care, can I leave my child with you for a weekend?

No. Our program provides care on a 24 hour, 7 day week basis for parents working or attending school during non-traditional hours.

Can I drop in to visit any of your locations?

All visitors require a scheduled appointment. All locations have a tour day twice a month. Please contact the centre directly to schedule a tour/appointment.

Can I drop my child off to your program anytime I want?

We are not a drop-in Centre. We ask for drop off and pick up times in order to staff within the ratio requirements of our programs. If you are going to be much earlier or much later we ask you to call us and advise us so that we can staff accordingly. We also like to let your child know if you are going to be late, as children sense a change in their routines. Dinner will be provided for your child if you are booking later than 6:00 pm

Do I have to supply my child's food?

Only in the infant program and then only until the age of 12 months or parents approval. We will not store personal foods unless it is a medical necessity and in these situations there must be clear discussion with the Program Supervisor on what we can do and can not do in the way of storage. We make every effort to meet a families needs whenever possible.

Do you have pets on site?

Program rooms will have assorted pets such as fish from time to time. All pets on site meet the crieria set out in the CCEYA.

Do you offer respite or emergency childcare?

Yes we do through our short-term care process, please contact the centre directly.

Do you supply sunscreen?

We provide sunscreen (infants to JK) and we use one that is Paba free and has an SPF35. Parents must supply hats and all shoulders are to be covered.

Have all of your clients been happy with your care?

We would love to be able to say yes to this question however, some clients have had “wants” that we were not able to meet in our almost 40 years of service. Our programs are very service oriented and we pride ourselves on being able to find solutions which work for most families.

How do I integrate my child into your program? What do I need to bring for my child?

All families do visits prior to their child starting. Staff will advise you during these visits what you will need to bring for your child.

How do I place my child on the waitlist?

All waitlist applications are done on the City of Ottawa website https://onehsn.com/Ottawa

How many children are in each program?

We have four locations all of different licensed capacity. Each program size and ratio is dictated by our licensing under the Ministry of Education

How will I know how my child is doing in your program?

We work with an open and direct method of communication. Staff will keep you informed even on those evenings when you can’t spend too much time, or when we are busy with others. We are a phone call or email away from any question you have and we will make the time to keep you informed.

I have been on the City waitlist for 3 months. Am I still on it?

Yes, you are still on the City’s waitlist as long as you have not removed your application.

Is there a registration fee for your programs?

No. A non-refundable deposit is required a month prior to your starting date (two months for our infant program).

Were are you located? How do we find you?

Our Carling site is situated on Carling Ave. across from the Royal Ottawa Hospital and west of Island Park Drive. Our Kanata site is in The Kanata North Industrial Park, running parallel to Carling Ave and East of Eagleson.

What are your staffs' qualifications? Do they have their Early Childhood Education?

We hire both RECE and non-RECE staff. However we also provide opportunities for all staff to acquire their RECE while working with us, including financial assistance.

What are core day program/core day hours?

This is the traditional type of program offered by most Agencies between the hours of 7am to 6:00pm.

What is Extended Care/Non-traditional hours?

Extended care is care outside of traditional hours and/or days of care: ie prior to 7:00am or after 6:00pm. Saturday/Sunday care.

What is subsidized Care ? How do I apply for Subsidy?

The City of Ottawa will determine if a family is eligible for financial assistance for Childcare. Go to the City of Ottawa website for information on this process

What is the child/staff ratio in your centres?

Infant 1:3; Toddler 1:5; Preschool 1:8 Kindergarten 1:12 and Schoolage is 1:15

What is your process for sick children in your care?

We try not to over-react on asking a parent to pick up at the start of a sniffle however, outbreak is something we want to prevent. We also know that fevers differ in each child. We contact the parent when a child is feeling or acting off, each case will determine the request we make. We follow the Ottawa Public Health Guidelines for Communicable Diseases and Other Childhood Health Issues for Schools and Childcare Centres. Wash, Wash, Wash those hands everyone.

What other centres are in this area?

Please contact Child Care Information at 736-1913 or check the City of Ottawa web site as they have all licensed programs listed.

What security measures do you use in your Centres?

Each of our centres has a process. We want our staff to be intrusive and to question anyone that comes into our buildings if they don’t recognize the person.

When are tax receipts sent out to families?

We send out receipts after our annual audit and by the end of February of each year.

What age can children stay until?

Our programs are licensed for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

What is the cost of extended care?

$6/hour on the hour between 6pm and 7am.

How much does infant care cost/What is the rate for infant care?

Check our rates section: https://www.childrensplace.on.ca/rates/.

How much does infant care cost/What is the rate for toddlers?

Check our rates section: https://www.childrensplace.on.ca/rates/.

How much does infant care cost/What is the rate for preschool?

Check our rates section: https://www.childrensplace.on.ca/rates/.

How much does infant care cost/What is the rate for schoolage?

Check our rates section: https://www.childrensplace.on.ca/rates/.

Do you do field trips?

During the summer programming, we plan special visitors and field trips for preschool, full day learning and School Age children.

Does the Carling location have a Schoolage program/Before and After school care?

Only our Kanata site offers a before and after school program. Our Carling site has an extended care program for children requiring evening, overnight and weekend care.

Do you serve breakfast

We only offer breakfast at our 1150 Carling Location for children booked in to our care before 630 am.

Can I book my child for the weekend?

Children cannot be booked in care for more than 23 hours consecutievly.

Do you provide diapers?

We provide diapers for our infant and toddler programs only.

How old does my infant need to be to start at the daycare?

We accept infants as young as 6 weeks old.

Do you have space in the infant/Toddler/Preschool/Kindergarten/School-Age program?

We accept all of our families off of the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlis. Please be sure that you are registered on the waitlist and as space becomes available you will be contacted.

Are meals provided?

We have an onsite cook that prepares all the snacks and meals for the center following the Canadian food guide. If your child has allergies or food restrictions you will be able to discuss with the program supervisor alternates you may need to provide, based on your child’s food restrictions.

What is your child to adult ratio?

As a licensed childcare center we follow all of the Ministry of Education guidelines. The ratios for each age group are as follows; Infants 1:3, Toddlers 1:5, preschool 1:8, kindergarten 1:13, and School-age 1:15.

Do you have half day or part time rates?

We provide families with flexible child care, and have different rates available based on the availability in your child’s program. Please see the “rates” page on our website to view the different rates offered for our programs.