Junior Kindergarten Program

Getting a good start

This component of our preschool program has been in existence since 1989. It was originally called our Pre-readiness program. With the public school system introducing a junior kindergarten program, we felt it would be in the best interest of our families to model our program on the curriculum offered by the Ministry of Education, which is based on Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years, How Does Learning Happen? In this manner, we believe we have designed a program that gives your child the very best in ratio’s, a seamless day and play-based learning in preparation for Kindergarten within the Ministry of Education school system.

Our rates include:

Everything the schools offer but with a difference, our program is a 1:8 child to staff ratio, we provide sunscreen, meals and snacks (parents don’t have to pack a lunch, Woo Hoo!), in-house visitors and field trips. Ask about our Extra curricular opportunities and our dinner program.

No scrambling for care on Snow days, PD days, Christmas/March Break and Summer, we offer a year round program!

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Areas of Development

We provide a variety of activities and experiences that promote: independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality.

Language & Literacy

Letter recognition, phonological awareness, using and understanding the power of literacy


Making friends, helping skills, positive and respectful interactions


Refelcting and reaching conclusions, reasoning logically, counting, classifying and comparing


Positive attitudes towards learning, identity formation and self esteem


Increasing levels of activity and endurance, fine motor, gross motor and sensory