Full Day Learning

Spreading our Wings

Our Full Day Learning Kindergarten program provides an opportunity for children to gain further independence and strengthen their social skills and problem solving skills before and after school. We offer a variety of experiences that encourage the children to make choices, as they move freely, from area to area (roll play, art, sensory and board games.) We practice conflict resolution skills, social and self-help skills, as well as the ability to make decisions through choice.

We adjust our operating schedules annually to meet the children’s school schedule. Professional development days, Christmas holidays, March Break and Summer become full days for our Full Day Learning┬áprogram at the Children’s Place . We are familiar with each Board’s school closure days and we plan our activities in accordance to those needs. We provide meals and snacks for this age group, as we do for our younger children. So parents, lunches are not necessary!

Our rates include:

We provide meals and snacks, in-house visitors and field trips. Ask about our Extra curricular opportunities and our dinner program.

No scrambling for care on, PD days, Christmas/March Break and Summer, we offer a year round program!

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Areas of Development

We provide a variety of activities and experiences that promote: independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality.

Language & Literacy

Vocabulary, listening to others, retelling stories


Co-operating, helping skills, positive and respectful interactions


Problem solving, questioning and observing and communicating findings


Self esteem, identity formation and regulating attention, emotions and behaviour


Increasing levels of activity and endurance, fine motor, gross motor and sensory