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The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) program supports fee reductions for children six and under.

Infants & Toddlers

  • $545


  • $25


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  • $392


  • $18


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Full Day Kindergarten*

  • $261*


  • $175/week*

    13 Week- Day Camp

    (Not part of the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care Program)

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School Age*

  • $420*


  • $20/$30*


    School Day/Non-School Day

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*Full Day Kindergarten, Day Camp and School Age Programs are only available at our Kanata location.

Hourly Rate before 7:00 am and after 6:00 pm is $3.00 for Infants to KGT, $6.00 for School Age

Rates are effective Jan 1, 2023.

Full Time Monthly rates are a 12 month rate from September to August.

Daily Rates applied for summer starts.

What we offer for our rates:

Infants and Toddlers:

Diapers, potty training, lunch and snacks, engaging activities, child specific development plan, circle and social time, outside play, neighbourhood walks, documented daily activities and communication sheets.


Lunch and snacks, engaging activities, in-house visitors, field trips, planned activities that involve indoor and outdoor play, neighbourhood walks, peer scaffolding, variety of learning centres, circle and social time, documented daily activities

Junior Kindergarten:

Everything the schools offer but with a difference our program is a 1/12 child/staff ratio, we provide year end portfolio binders which you can take with you into your child’s senior kindergarten teacher, peer scaffolding and involvement in planning, in-house visitors, field trips and sleep overs. Extra curricular opportunities and a dinner program are also available.

Kindergarten and School-age:

Before/After/Holiday programs: We believe we exceed what you may find in most programs in this City We concentrate on appropriate behaviours and peer management, we have an amazing Homework Club, we have in-house computers available for their on-line assignments. Culinary Club teaches them the basics of safe tools in the kitchen and food preparation. As well as our other clubs, there are field trips, campouts, sleep overs and extra curricular opportunities which include dinner for your child. Bus cancellation days, we will provide you with service.

What Else:

Parent night out at a rate that cannot be surpassed as well as a Saturday a month. Full flexible care as we work around your hours. Tied up in traffic, give us a call we let your child know and we provide dinner. No expensive late fees, an hourly rate may apply. Access to our Carling location if you need care beyond the hours that we service, including overnight and weekends. We work to find childcare solutions, let us know what you need.

Extra-curricular partners: we have access to Theatre, Dance and Martial Arts, you can register with any or all of them, we will provide dinner at 5:30 pm and hand the children over to one of these independent groups on your behalf. You pick your child up at the end of their activity.

We are an inclusive program, we work with families and children with special needs and/or medically fragile.