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Teething can be painful for little babies, and it is common for parents to give their child a teething toy to

help sooth the pain.  There are different types of teething toys that are available for babies, however not all of them are safe to use.

Teething toys that are part of a necklace or attached through any type of ribbon or chain are NOT safe for babies.  These types of teething toys and clips can cause strangulation or choking to the baby.

Teething toys that contain beads and small pieces also create choking hazards for babies as they can break, and the beads become loose parts that the babies can choke on.

The safest type of teething toys for babies to use are ones that are one solid piece. Safe teething toys should not be clipped to the babies clothing, go around the neck, or be put together with beads/small pieces.

Health Canada recommends that children should not use any type of necklace, string, or ribbon before the age of three to prevent the risk of strangulation.

Please see the following link from Health Canada regarding infant care. 

Baby bottles, pacifiers and teething necklaces –

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