Cold Weather and Playing Outdoors - The Children's Place

Posted by | November 23, 2021 | Updates | No Comments

Every winter, as the temperatures drop, so does the amount of time people spend outdoors. This can be especially true for children where playtime can become limited to the indoors.

Well, you may be tempted to hide inside until spring, but remember, outside play is essential for you and your children’s health and over all well-being.

Some of the top reasons why we should all get our children outdoors and how to be active this winter!

1. It’s good for them

Physical activity is essential to our children’s growth and development. Getting outside is the best way to get moving! The indoors can become germ factories, full of bacteria in the winter. Getting outside introduces your children to fresh, clean air.

2. Snow is Great for Creative Play

Your children will need to use more of their imaginations when playing with snow. This is a great way for your children to exercise their creativity. The ways to play with snow are endless, snowball fights, snow castles, snow people, making snow angels, building a snow fort…the list goes on and on.

3. You can discover Nature in a different season

Getting kids to discover winter weather at a young age encourages them to enjoy the season as they grow up. As they spend time outside in the cold, they will develop resilience and foster a fascination with the changing seasons.

4. Be Prepared:

To make sure you and your children have a great time outdoors, you need to be prepared! You’ll want to make sure you are wearing plenty of layers, warm protection for your heads, hands, and feet.

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