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What kind of car seat should my child be in?

Here is a helpful chart to indicate the stages and ages of car seats 😊

Age-GroupType of SeatGeneral Guidelines
Infants/ToddlersRear-facingAll infants and toddlers should ride in rear-facing seat until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat manufacturer.
Toddler/PreschoolForward facing (convertible/harness)This seat should be a 5-point harness and your child should be at least 2 years of age before they are in a forward-facing car seat.
School-aged ChildrenBoosterYour child can move to a booster seat when they are at least 4 years of age and weigh 18kg or 40lbs. They should also be able to sit correctly and safely in a seat.
Older ChildrenSeat BeltsIf your child is 145cm or 4’9” tall, they may be ready to start using an adult seat belt. Children under the age of 13 are safest in the backseat

Is my car or booster seat safe to use?

  1. Check to see if your seat is approved for use in Canada. Just look for the National Safety Mark on your car seat or booster seat.

2. Read all instructions to ensure your child is in the right seat according to their age, height, and weight limits.

3. Most manufacturers recommend disposing of your car seat if you were in a car accident no matter how minor.

4. All car seats expire. This is due to plastic and metal parts wearing out over time. Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about your child’s seat.

5. You can register your car seat with the manufacturer, so they can call you about any recalls.

How do I Dress my child for the cold weather in a car seat?

Thick winter coats or snowsuits can keep your baby warm during the cold months. However, for car seats and booster seats to function properly, the straps need to remain tight against your child’s chest.

Even though you may not be able to safely use your child’s winter coat in the car seat, there are ways to keep warm when temperatures drop:

  1. Using some fleece suits or jackets can be snug and thin enough to be used in car or booster seats
  2. Dress your child in mittens and a hat in the car
  3. Warm up your vehicle before you go
  4. And finally, you can add a blanket on top of your child once they are safe in their seat.

Please watch this video on car seat safety:

How to dress your child for their car seat in winter – YouTube

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