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“In The Eyes of a Graduate”

One of my many proudest accomplishments of my life was earning my college diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE).  A couple of years ago when my supervisor approached me to ask if I would be interested in taking the apprenticeship program, I wasn’t too sure. But after thinking about it, I am very happy with my decision. At first, I didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting myself into. I had been out of school for some time, and I wasn’t too sure how I would do or if I would have the time. I was already quite busy working a full-time job and running a business with my husband. However, with help and lots of support from my co-workers I was able to complete the program and add another diploma to my wall of accomplishments. I’m not saying it was easy, it was very stressful at times and a lot of late nights and weekends but in the end, it was worth it!

Getting my diploma in Early Childhood Education has provided me with opportunities to work with different groups of children and it opens many doors to moving forward within a company. If you are interested in taking the apprenticeship program through Loyalist College, Go for it! It's something that will make you happy and very proud of yourself for doing so, and if you work at TCP you will have the support of all your co-workers to help you get it done! 

For more information about the apprenticeship program please visit the sites below.

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