Toddler Program

Ready for the Next Step

A child joins this program at approximately 18 months. If they have been previously enrolled in the Senior Infant program your child has already had frequent visits.

We plan activities with a 1 to 5 child to teacher ratio for art, sensory, circle, etc. A small group of children with teachers will access the gym for gross motor activities. When weather permits the toddlers are outside on walks or free creative play in our yard where we have set out a variety of activities.

There are set times for bathroom routine. We introduce your children to the potty at approximately 18 to 20 months; depending on child readiness and interest. Between 22 and 24 months your child may choose to sit either on the potty or the toilet. Once a child has dry diapers or is successful on the potty consistently, we start a smooth transition into underwear. We do not support the use of pull-ups in our program, as they lend a false security to the process and can delay training. A toilet training program is established in our room and an information letter is provided.

The oldest group of children visit the Preschool Program on a routine basis.This familiarizes the children with the room, teachers, routines, new friends and makes the transition smoother for when your child is ready to graduate to Preschool. The move may take place at 24 – 30 months.

Our rates include:

Diapers, potty training, lunch and snacks, engaging activities, child specific development plan, circle and social time, outside play, neighbourhood walks, documented daily activities and communication sheets.

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Songs, instruments, puppets

Fine Motor

Rattles, manipulative toys


Puzzles, blocks, books


Finger painting, water play, blowing bubbles

Gross Motor

Gym play (climber, slide, push toys, walks outside)