Everything you need to know.

Are taxes included in the price?

There are not taxes charged on childcare costs.

At what age can children be enrolled into your program?

Two of our locations have infant programs and we have started children as young as 6 weeks old.

Because you offer 24 hour care, can I leave my child with you for a weekend?

No. Our program provides care on a 24 hour, 7 day week basis for parents working or attending school during non-traditional hours. That care is provided within a standard time-frame of acceptable hours.

Can I drop in to visit any of your locations?

We ask you to contact the centre first. All locations have a tour night once a month.

Can I drop my child off to your program anytime I want?

We are not a drop-in Centre. We ask for drop off and pick up times in order to staff within the ratio requirements of our programs. If you are going to be much earlier or much later we ask you to call us and advise us so that we can staff accordingly. We also like to let your child know if you are going to be late, as children sense a change in their routines. Dinner will be provided for your child if you are booking later than 6:00 pm

Do I have to supply my child's food?

Only in the infant program and then only until the age of 12 months. We will not store personal foods unless it is a medical necessity and in these situations there must be clear discussion with the Program Manager on what we can do and can not do in the way of storage. We make every effort to meet a families needs whenever possible.

Do you have pets on site?

Yes we often have dogs who are innoculated per regulatons. Program rooms will have assorted pets such as fish from time to time. All pets on site meet the crieria set out in the DNA.

Do you offer respite or emergency childcare?

Yes we do through our short-term care process.

Do your staff apply sunscreen when the children go outside?

We provide the sunscreen and we use one that is Paba free and has an SPF35. We apply this liberally and reapply if the children are in water. We also do not bring the children outside during the worst time of the day. Parents must supply hats and all shoulders are to be covered.

Have all of your clients been happy with your care?

We would love to be able to say yes to this question however, some clients have had “wants” that we were not able to meet in our almost 30 years of service. Our programs are very service oriented and we pride ourselves on being able to find solutions which work for most families.

Ho do I integrate my child into your program? What do I need to bring for my child?

We ask all parents to be prepared to visit several times prior to starting. Staff will advise you during these visits what you will need to bring for your child. You know your child best, these visits however provide us with insight into information you take for granted and may not have included in your application package.

How long is the waitlist?

This will vary, however the greater difficulty can be the time you list your name and the time you may be called for a vacancy. There is a good chance your child has aged to the next program and we do not have a vacany in that program. We appreciate how frustrating this can be for you as it is further exacerbated by the lack of funding for new or existing Childcare.

How many children are in each program?

We have four locations all of different licensed capacity. Each program size and ratio is dictated by our licensing under the Provincial Ministry of Youth et al…

How often are your sensory materials changed?

We change water after each group and materials such as dried beans, rice or macaroni are thrown out after 5 days use.

How will I know how my child is doing in your program?

We work with an open and direct method of communication. Staff will keep you informed even on those evenings when you can’t spend too much time, or when we are busy with others. We are a phone call or email away from any question you have and we will make the time to keep you informed.

I have been on the waitlist for 3 months. Am I still on it?

We review our waitlist on a regular basis. As space comes available we contact the next person whose child fits within the age group of the vacancy. Several factors may influence that decision, one example is that we will select the youngest child on the list for the age group that has the vacancy. We will keep you on our list until such time as we call you and we do not hear back from you, then you will be removed.

Is there a registration fee for your programs?

Not at this time. We ask for non-refundable deposits a month or two prior to your starting date and for Short-term care services you would be asked to pay in advance of use.

Outside of your Mission, what is your chief philosophy?

We believe strongly that any reduction in stress the provision of our services can provide to a parent is direct stress removed from the child. It is one of the main factors behind our Extended Care Programs and staffing for parents who may be late, who call and book late or who may need to drop off earlier than 7 am. The parent does not need to apologize to us, we do not charge $5.00 a minute for being late and your child will know if you are going to be late.

Were are you located? How do we find you?

Carling is situated on Carling Ave. across from the Royal Ottawa Hospital and west of Island Park Drive. Kanata is in The Kanata North Industrial Park on block north and running parallel to Carling Ave and East of Eagleson.

What are your staffs' qualifications? Do they have their Early Childhood Education?

We hire both ECE and non-ECE staff. However we also provide opportunities for all staff to acquire their ECE while working with us, including financial assistance.

What disinfectants do you use in your childcare program?

Currently we use Percep with a 1/16 mix. We find this less damaging than a javax mix and it meets Health standards.

What happened to the Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program was opened in Feb 2002. Unfortunately it had to be closed due to a City funding crunch in Sept 2009.

What are core day program/core day hours?

This is the traditional type of program offered by most Agencies between the hours of 7am to 5:30pm.

What is Extended Care/Non-traditional hours?

Extended care is care outside of traditional hours and/or days of care: ie prior to 7:00am or after 6:00pm. Saturday/Sunday care.

What is subsidized Care ? How do I apply for Subsidy?

The City of Ottawa will determine if a family is eligible for financial assistance for Childcare. Go to our Links – City of Ottawa for information on this process

What is the child/staff ratio in your centres?

Infant 1/3; Toddler 1/5; Preschool 1/8 Kindergarten 1/12 and S/A is 1/15:

What is the difference between the Centralized Waitlist and your Centres own Waitlist?

We maintain our own waitlist as part of our Web Service. Not all families know about the Centralized Waitlist especially if they are checking information outside of the Ottawa area. We cross-index the two waitlists when we are filling spaces.

What is your process for sick children in your care?

We try not to over-react on asking a parent to pick up at the start of a sniffle however, outbreak is something we want to prevent as this can cost a parent several days of missed work or school therefore we definitely watch for interactive fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting. The Health Department Guidelines and the Health Department staff are a constant resource to us. We also know that fevers differ in each child therefore we log information on fever types and expectations for each child. We contact the parent when a child is feeling or acting off, each case will determine the request we make. Wash, Wash, Wash those hands everyone.

What kind of discipline is used in your program?

We believe in “own behaviour”. Therefore we first measure the action as something that may bother just “me”. If it is universally unacceptable then we will speak with the child about why, they are then advised that they may be redirected if it continues, if it continues they are redirected and advised that the next step will be “body rest”. Unless the child’s action causes hurt to someone we are always pro-active and positive in how we treat the behaviour.

What other centres are in this area?

Please contact Child Care Information at 736-1913 or check the City of Ottawa web site as they have all licensed programs listed.

What security measures do you use in your Centres?

Each of our centres has a process. We want our staff to be intrusive and to question anyone that comes into our buildings if they don’t recognize the person.

When are tax receipts sent out to families?

we send out receipts after our annual audit and by the end of February of each year.