School Age Program

Available at our Kanata Location

We really encourage and guide the children at The Children’s Place in: decision making, choices, conflict resolution, open discussion, peer association, adult/child equality discussions, freedom of expression, the right to be heard, listened to and respected in this center. While we work on many skills, our goal in particular with this group is on consequences of own action, responsibility and self regulation.

Homework and Tutoring

While we do not accept the responsibility for homework completion, the parents have the choice to register their child in the homework club. In doing this, all parties commit to a working relationship that assists the child with homework, while at the daycare centre. Tutoring has been and will be a part of this club as and when required. Our staff are cognizant of each child and in discussion with the parent, it may be decided to bring a professional tutor into our homework club from time to time.


As changes occur we post information and, we entrust the older children, as part of our life skill training in our school-age program to pass on other information to their parents.

TEN+ Club

Our ten+club are for children 10 and older. They are learning, at this age to develop work ethics and to work for compensation. The children involved in this club are responsible for duties every day such as; serve snack, plan a co-operative game, help out in other programs from time to time. The children plan their own day and work out the dynamics of sharing. This promotes a sense of responsibility and aids in the awareness and importance of peer mediation.

Our youth group is a benefit of and to, the work we have done with your children in the 10+ Club. When your child does leave us because of age, they have an opportunity at the age of 13 to submit a letter applying for volunteer hours with us over the summer months. Youths when they turn 14 and having gone through our programs are encouraged to submit a resume to us and apply for one of the 6 positions we offer our youths at our Carling and Kanata locations. The positions are supervised, 10-15 hours a week and involve ‘safe’ work. They are taught skills consistent with a working environment, we help them build their resume for future use for other positions, application to college or university and we provide them with an opportunity to make some money.

Our rates include:

Before/After/Holiday programs: We believe we exceed what you may find in most programs in this City We concentrate on appropriate behaviours and peer management, we have an amazing Homework Club, we have in-house computers available for their on-line assignments. Culinary Club teaches them the basics of safe tools in the kitchen and food preparation. As well as our other clubs, there are field trips, campouts, sleep overs and extra curricular opportunities which include dinner for your child. Bus cancellation days, we will provide you with service.
Extra-curricular activities: we have access to Theatre, Dance and Martial Arts, you can register with any or all of them, we will provide dinner at 5:30 pm and hand the children over to one of these independent groups on your behalf. You pick your child up at the end of their activity.

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Activity Rooms

Our School Age program has the added opportunity for children to move freely throughout the center choosing where they would like to be. We have a variety of rooms available for their choice.

The Lounge Area

where they can enjoy a movie, or just to sit, relax and read.

The Rug Room

where they can play challenging board games or partake in other cognitive skill activities.

The Gym

has co-operative games.

The Computer Room

has video, computer activities and games for all levels and age-groups.