Senior Kindergarten Program

Available at our Kanata Location

Our kindergarten program provides an opportunity for children to gain further independence and strengthen their social and problem solving skills.

We offer a variety of activities and experiences throughout the day that encourages the children to make choices, as they move freely, from area to area (roll play, art, sensory and board games.) We focus on conflict resolution skills, social and self-help skills, and the ability to make decisions through choice.

We adjust our operating schedules annually to meet the children’s school schedule. Buses arrive in the morning, at lunch time and late afternoon to pick-up and drop off children from several of the schools, north of the Queensway, in the Kanata area.

Professional development days become full days for the Kindergarten children at the Children’s Place . We are familiar with each schools P.D. days and we plan our activities in accordance to those needs. We are also able to accommodate the fluctuation of half-day/full-day programs when school buses are not operating due to weather conditions.

We provide the same meals for this age group, as we do for our younger children. So parents, lunches are not necessary. We however respect that at this age, some children, some of the time, may wish to bring lunch and this is okay, talk to the teacher about this flexibility.

Our rates include:

Before/After/Holiday programs: We believe we exceed what you may find in most programs in this City We concentrate on appropriate behaviours and peer management, we have an amazing Homework Club, we have in-house computers available for their on-line assignments. Culinary Club teaches them the basics of safe tools in the kitchen and food preparation. As well as our other clubs, there are field trips, campouts, sleep overs and extra curricular opportunities which include dinner for your child. Bus cancellation days, we will provide you with service.

Extra-curricular activities: we have access to Theatre, Dance and Martial Arts, you can register with any or all of them, we will provide dinner at 5:30 pm and hand the children over to one of these independent groups on your behalf. You pick your child up at the end of their activity.

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Learning Centres

Our rooms are arranged into various learning centers. Children are encouraged to move freely from area to area choosing activities they wish to participate in. We provide a variety of activities and experiences that promote: independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality.

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Role Play


Circle Time