Senior Infant Program

No longer an Infant, Not Quite a Toddler

The Senior Infant program is a transitional program designed as a bridge between the Infant and Toddler programs.
Your child may join this program at approximately 13 months old. If your child has been previously enrolled in the Infant program he/she has already had frequent visits.

In addition to receiving bottles, as was their schedule in the Infant Room, we introduce the child to more frequent use of sippy cups at snack and lunch. Depending on each child, (at approximately 14-15 months) we begin the weaning process off of bottles, and soothers while at daycare. Some things to expect when your child reaches 17 months will be using a toddler cup, being off of the bottle during their day with us and may sleep on a cot with parental permission.

We introduce your child to a more conforming circle time, songs, felt stories, finger plays and books. The program includes art and sensory activities either in the gym or in our yard, in addition to creative play in the dolly centre and our wide variety of toys.

Infants being introduced to our programs at 14-18 months, will not be expected to change immediately to our routines. We will work with you on an individual basis to prepare your child for the program routines and taking into account “own behavior”. Reasonable time will be established for this transition.

Our rates include:

Diapers, potty training, lunch and snacks, engaging activities, child specific development plan, circle and social time, outside play, neighbourhood walks, documented daily activities and communication sheets.

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Songs, instruments, puppets

Fine Motor

Rattles, manipulative toys


Puzzles, blocks, books


Finger painting, water play, blowing bubbles

Gross Motor

Gym play (climber, slide, push toys, walks outside)