Preschool Program

Busy, Happy and Learning

The preschool program consists of children from approximately 2.5 years to 3.8 years of age. The Preschool program is one which will encourage all aspects of your child’s development. Our day is full of a variety of activities to keep the children busy, happy and learning.

In our program we work with five levels. Each level is made available in all of the learning areas and we plan activities in each of them. We want children to be able to make choices, when they decide they are ready for the next challenge they will move up to the next level. We also teach children about choices and consequences. We have special themes that we plan our activities around e.g. Safety, Nursery Rhymes, Community, and at times staff may work the WEB or Portfolio planning style. Our crafts and circle time incorporate these themes along with providing a socially interactive time for children during these activities. We also offer time during the day for group discussion, stories (quiet time), one/one attention and gross motor.

As with most workplaces our Preschool Program also, is made up of a variety of different people, with differing styles of doing things. Their ideas and personalities make our team successful in providing an excellent curriculum for your child. We all have an important thing in common, that is caring for your children and ensuring that their needs are met, to the best of our ability. For more information on the staff please see the picture board located outside our room and ask them questions about their experience, be proactive. A general log book or display board is kept in an area for your viewing on the activities and menu changes your child has enjoyed each day.

In September of each year our children who will be 4 years old by December 31st will move to our Junior Kindergarten Program. Parents do have a choice between staying with us or registering with the Full Day Learning programs in local school boards. These are not mandatory programs and you may find our Junior Kindergarten program of serious interest to you.

Our rates include:

Lunch and snacks, engaging activities, in-house visitors, field trips, planned activities that involve indoor and outdoor play, neighbourhood walks, peer scaffolding, variety of learning centres, circle and social time, documented daily activities.

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Learning Centres

Our rooms are arranged into various learning centers. Children are encouraged to move freely from area to area choosing activities they wish to participate in. We provide a variety of activities and experiences that promote: independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality.

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Circle Time